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Thank you for that hat chart. The baby hat in the picture is actually brimless rolled brim. Tonya November 11, at 6:

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Find great deals on eBay for long knit hat. Shop with confidence.
Find great deals on eBay for long knit hat. Shop with confidence.
Loom Size / Hat Size. Loom Size Chart: Recommended Rows for Loom Knit Hats and Other Helpful Information: Find LOTS of Great Loom Knitting Books. I just started loom knitting. I purchased a long loom with 26 pegs. What patterns can I make with it? I would like to make a slouchy hat. I fear this is too small a loom for an adult size hat.

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Slouchy Beanies at The House Boardshop. If you dig the more

Both registration and sign in support using google and facebook accounts. Escape will close this window. You need to have cookies enabled to sign in. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. Popular items for long knit hat 3, Results. Eligible orders ship free. I live in Florida — thicker is not better in my world. Hi Denise, I would like to knit a soft summery hat for a friend undergoing chemotherapy. Is there a particular pattern you would suggest?

Scarlett Royal has several here is one I really like — you may need to adjust the stitches a bit — very open: How can you make hats for preemies with different diameter heads if you are using the same peg loom for all?

Zoe you can change the size using the same loom just by changing the stitch…. Click HERE … or the yarn. I thought this was the best video and sight for beginners. I watched many in the last few weeks and have made my first scarf and hat….

I just picked up some 6 baby soft yarn and will try single butted hat for my next project. I am so blessed to have found loom knitting! Dawn, baby yarn is very tricky when loom knitting — I never use it anymore — not even for baby hats — what size loom did you use for you 9 year old? I use the large and extra large looms for almost ever hat I make unless the recipient is a baby.

I have made several basic hats with turned brim. I am finding that it is very tight right on the row that you turn and knit in to create the brim. What do I need to do to fix this? Hi, I work with young adult special needs students. The weather is getting cold and windy, and one of the students I work with is low income and has an ear sensitivity that flares up when exposed to wind causing her a great deal of pain.

My coworker and I are concerned that her single mother does not have the time nor income to find ear protection for her, and since part of our program includes public transit training and standing around at bus stops, we have decided to make headbands for our entire group of students as soon as possible. I am trying to get these done as soon as possible since we are out in the cold everyday. Thank you so much! This kind of engagement is extremely important to me and the reason I started loom knitting in the first place.

There is a huge need everywhere in the world and not enough people like you! YES, you can use that loom but you need to knit Flat and not Round. In the round, knitting single rake, depending on the stitch, this loom gives you a nice hat for a small baby. But if you knit flat your only limitation is how wide, not how long your fabric will be. All you have to do is connect it in the back and you can just sew it. That pattern is a bit elaborate but I just want to give you an idea — here is an easier stitch pattern that I think will work well with this idea: You will only need to use one side of the loom.

Cast on half the stitches — knit until you have the desired length, the average adult is inches, can cast off. I would use the modified basic bind off and tighten up the first row … lastly add the elastic hairband. Best to use yarn that is medium 4 worsted or chunky 5. Thinner or thicker might make the stitch a bit odd. Be sure to click on the links for examples. I typically crochet, I have been making baby cocoons. What size loom would you recommend for a 2 month old.

Thank you for the help. Hi Sam — no there are very narrow hats that are made with very large looms — depends on the loom. For a 2 month old I would use the 31 peg loom. I have a great mitten pattern by Dailey but the adult pattern is on 24 peg and she says to just use 20 pegs for kid pattern. How do I skip 4 pegs without that showing in the stitches? She probably uses the 20 pegs and closes the panel with a overcast stich sides.

If it is closed im guessing increases and deacreses. I have just started loom knitting and really like it but my hats need help. I have a wide vertical gap in between my rows where I cast on to the horizontal peg. Thank you for any help. Try it to see if that helps. Here is post with a video: Hi there, I have a stupid question. Watched all the tutorials. It seem to be right in the middle of the small loom and medium loom sizing. Which loom would you recommend?

Thanks for your time. Here is a good one you can use with a peg loom: Just for so you know — I have used the peg for kids as you as 2 years — it really depends on the design. I would use 24pegs 24rows and 12rows to make a brim. The suggested 12 rows is for 1 pound not 1 month. Hope that makes sense. Hi I juste learned to knit socks and mitts using a loom. I would like to be able to have more of a variety in sizes.

Are there only 4 standard size looms? Where could I get them? Shannon if you live in the US or Canada your selection is large. You can start with Amazon and for some surprisingly cheap options try eBay. I am looming a slouchy beanie for a young lady who has cancer. I am using a 36 peg loom, alternating pearls and knits. Is the hat going to be too small? Hi Lisa, the 36 peg loom works fine for the average adult but it gives a Beanie hat which is fitted and not really a slouch which is loose.

Here is a list of FREE hat patterns: Click HERE You should find something you like that will work with the loom you have which is a Large Loom — the next one up is a peg which is considered the Extra Large. However, I am now using a fine lace, weighted at 2 because I want a light summer beanie for her to wear.

Am I setting myself up for failure again using such a light yarn? The weight of the yarn will work depending on the style and stitch. Either way you will get a very open fabric. Something like a snood. I suggest picking a pattern. Then read what loom and yarn weight is suggested by the designer. One light weight hat that you can make if you have a peg loom is this one: I think my lap top auto filled in my address in this box. Than you Denise for all your efforts on helping us to loom as well as ways we can put it to great use.

I called the PURPLe hats center in Utah and left a message for someone to get back to me concerning starting a chapter here to knit hats for them, we can send them in or hopefully get a program up and running at our local hospitals. We have Levine Childrens center and Hemby Childrens center, both nationally known childrens centers.

I taught our young women in our ward how to loom knit and they are anxious for more projects. It will not only give them a skill and a hobby but provide them with a way to donate time and skill for others.

They will love this. I have someone who can get us yarn as well. How neat is that?? Such a worthy cause. My 16 year old was 8 weeks early and cried non stop for months. Its a challenge and a sleep deprived parent can do something they would normally never do out of shear anxiety or breakdown due to lack of sleep.

Never an excuse but this does exist more than we are ready to admit. If anyone out there is involved in a knitting group on the Charlotte area for this or for the bandages please message me so I can join, or lead our own chapter to help out. We made over hats in march. So between now and Oct we can double that! Hi Darcia, there is a group on Ralvery just for Charity Knitting. Do you use Ralvery? I am just seeing the response.

I am currently chairing the NC group. I will go on raverly to see if anyone wants to help out, If you look at my facebook page you will see all the hats I have made so far. I am over !!!!!!!!!!!!! I talked to the HS early childhood ed teacher and she is going to incorporate the project into her lessons for all 4 classes. That is so exciting.

I will of course share your videos for the students to learn. I am thrilled that they will be part of such a worthy cause but also that they will develop their own talents and be creative. Cant wait to see what else they create. Thank you for all of your help and inspiration. Darcia — Do you know how much I love a Cheerful Giver? It makes me soooooooooooooo happy to know that kids will be learning to knit and give. Please share a link to your Facebook page and a picture of those hats.

This is my email denise loomahat. I am new to this wonderful loom knitting, and think I am doing something wrong when I knit brims on hats. Could somebody please help? That is very common in loom knitting especially if you use a large gauge loom.

The tighter your stitch the less likely to have this happen. Looms like the Knitting Board looms and CindiLooms. Some yarns have more stretch and yes some stitches such as the rib stitch bounce back better.

I have a question about scarves. How long should they be for a 5yrs and up? Is there any kind of chart stating all the different sizes? Hope that helps, denise. Thank you so much for all the great info on this site! Now for my question: Hi Kim, that in-between loom use to be the purple KK.

This loom has become extremely rare. It really depends on the actual size of the loom — the circumference. I have heard that CinDLooms has an alternative to this loom. You can try them. Thanks for that info.

The brim I u wrapped, and the hat part I u wrapped every other peg 1,3,5… And then 2,4,6… For each row. I will try one with just e wrapping. The Uwrap is a tight stitch and will shrink your project. Let me know how it goes with the e-Wrap and if you use wrosted weight yarn remember to knit with two strands. Hi, I am having a problem, I use the boye circle looms.

I used the 36 peg loom to make a toddler hat. I used two strands of red heart yarn and the hat barely fits my one year old. Thanks for any help. Erin — not sure if this is a duplicate question but here is my thought on that. Are you sure you used a 36 peg — count your pegs again. Did you use a Rib stitch? The stitch can also affect the size of the hat. A hat made with an e-Wrap stitch will be larger the one done with different version of knit stitch.

Hi I used the 36 peg circle loom for a toddler hat but it just fits my 1 year old , am I doing something wrong? I used Two strands of worsted yarn.

Maybe stitch is too tight? Wow — are you sure you used a 36 peg — count your pegs again. I guess I should re-word my complaint. I hate wasting my time, so I actually took it off the loom. I have developed a way to use the Boye loom— and yes, I figured they were all created equal.

This is what my stepmom uses, and she introduced me to looming. Which loom do you prefer above all? I think it might be time for a new purchase! Hey Lisa — sorry for the delay. Hi Denise, I worked the apace wool yarn with a poly next to it to give it substance. The hat came out very nicely. I took your advice and purchased a knifty knitter. Thanks for the encouragement to try a new product!

I realize it might take a day or so. Having trouble with it slipping badly and not staying tight enough to look nice. Hi Lisa, Yes every comment has to be approved. It can get crazy around here.

Plus, I try not to get on the computer to much on Sundays… key word there is try. Your problem may be the tip of your pegs more than the yarn. I am a beginner and have crocheted only about 15 hats. I am comfortable with the method and with different yarns. I pretty much just wing it when it comes to design, and most of my projects have come out really nice.

Yesterday I bought some alpaca wool and I had so much trouble with it slipping off the pegs and not staying tight enough to make the work neat. Should I combine it with another yarn using two-as-one?

Thanks for your advice! You are so sweet to get right back to me! I am using a Boye loom. Lisa, sorry for the delay. Here is a post I wrote about that loom.. Thank you for that hat chart. I know Martha stewart has a set but I only need the 48 peg.. Cindwood looms makes a loom with same peg number and gauge as the purple 48 peg kk loom. It always seems to be a bit loose and in turn large. Any suggestions on how I could fix that? I have a video that might answer your question: Thanks for getting back to me!

I was hoping to make a slightly slouchy hat with a knitted brim and figure 8 stitch for the hat. Would it be best to just try the loom a size smaller? Smaller loom means smaller hat — not smaller loops. Here are some solutions to loose loops. Hope that makes sense.. A bit hard to explain — hope to do a video soon.

Get a smaller gauge loom — BEST option 4. Use chunky yarn 5. I am helping a student with developmental disabilities to make a gift for her niece —simple, no-brim hat for a two and a half yr. Average length of time to make this hat with a thick, single strand baby blanket yarn? And, should I use the 36 peg round loom to be sure it will fit? Thank you so much.

I would appreciate a prompt reply — I will only see this girl for a couple of hours between now and Christmas and she wants to get the hat done for a Christmas gift. Many thanks for your wonderful tutorials and info!

Hi Martha… the loom size really depends on the 2 year old this age group can be difficult with large gauge looms — a 36 can be ok. It could take about 2 hours with your student..

Here is another video that I think will help: Hope that helps denise. Newbie here- I was wondering if there might be a pattern for a headband winter ear warmer for an adult or older child.

Note that they suggest pegs — but it will work with a peg yellow KK loom. Here is a link to cute baby hats — click HERE. Hello, I just started knitting and using a loom yesterday. I am in the hospital on bed rest from pregnancy issues and my aunt bought it for me to pass the time.

I made a newborn hat last night and Im looking for a tutorial on baby booties? I have the boye round loom set, with 24 peg being the smallest. I have only been able to find videos using a 12 peg. Is it possible to create newborn baby booties on the 24 peg? I am using Bernat super bulky 6. Also, where can i find chart for number of rows when making a toddle slouchy hat? I have a 4 year old I want to make a hat for. PS, I am very new to all this so im unsure of most of the knitting language.

I know the ewrap and thats about it. That is the loom used for adult socks no matter the yarn or number of rows… sorry. There is a video by Scarlett Royal that will show you how to make any size bootie with a long loom: By the way most hats for year olds are made using the peg. Usually about 40 rows should give you a slight slouchy for a little guy. But Here is a tutorial on how to know how many rows for any project: My daughter is 2.

I have recently made her two hats from a 36 peg loom. Both were to small for her. The first one I used a garter stitch all the way through and figured that the stitch must have just been to tight. I did the next with a garter stitch brim and the rest e wrap. It was better but still to tight. I used two strands of yarn on both. Do I need to go up a size on the loom or try a different stitch? Donna, a peg loom fits most adults if the gauge is large.

Loom hats get wider as you increase the number of rows. Thanks for the reply! I am using a boye loom. I am not really sure of the number of rows. I usually just kind of play it by ear. Maybe it is just from using two strands of yarn? The reason I did that was because I wanted it to be thicker and with smaller openings throughout the hat. Donna, here is a page with links to really cute hats that were made just for toddlers — it should help with number of rows and stitch options: And the peg loom to use too.

I hope you can help me thank you very much. I like to use the XL Yellow Loom and a bulky yarn to make cowls. I knit until I have 12 inches of knitting, then I cut the yarn and run it loosely through the stitches.

These cowls turn out great, knit up quickly, and are wonderful gifts. Sounds like a good easy pattern. Thanks for sharing Holly. What worst weight are you using in the baby hat video??

And also do you use 2 balls of yarn or did you cut a certain length go yarn?? I am trying to make a white baby beanie and then add the red lines to make it look like a baseball baby beanie. Just trying to catch up.

Yes I used worsted weight yarn, I usally just use one skein, I pull from the middle and the sides. Here is a post that explains: Thank you for sharing your size chart! I shared your site on my facebook charity page! Your hat size charts are great. Thanks for sharing I am looking forward to checking out the rest of your site. What kinds of yarns do you use. Actually I use a different type of yarn more than the baby yarn and guess what — its part of the yarn give-away for march. Ive been trying to make my first baby hat but i think the yarn that I bought is too thin.

I used two strains as one and i still think its too thin because the holes I think are too big. Here on the site there is a good pattern and yarn for newborns — just use the blue loom and adjust the rows to fit a baby. For the link click HERE. I followed a tutorial on youtube first and while the basic concept came out ok the hat looked awful! You have given me a very happy moment with your comment. Hi I have the martha stewart loom and weave.

Would the round loom be considered a large, 41 rows? Hi Karen, the MS loom is a bit different from other looms in that you can control the gauge a little. When you say 41 rows — I am going to assume you mean 41 pegs. With a Knifty Knitter, Darice or Boye — 41 pegs is actually extra large.

This is not true with a small gauge loom like a CindiLoom. I think it's absolutely possible for you to make 3 hats in time for christmas.

I knit pretty slow and I was able to knit basic knit beanies with worsted weight yarn in about 3 days. I would only knit about 2 hours per night. The double pointed needles and design patterns slow me down a little, but I am new to knitting.

Haven't made the same hat twice either. I imagine I would get faster each time. I think it is a very nice gift idea. You can finish all 3 without a problem. As someone else mentioned, bulky yarn is the key to the quickest hat. If you are not already a member, you must check out Ravelry. It is a free site, and there are loads of free patterns and a ton of members who generously share their skill and patterns if you need help.

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