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The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was a royal commission established in by the Australian government pursuant to the Royal Commissions Act to inquire into and report upon responses by institutions to instances and allegations of child sexual abuse in establishment of the commission followed revelations of child abusers being moved.

Kindly take action agan. Sailendra Narayan Posted On: I made them to get the fresh new mobile. Please help me out of this problem as i am a senior citizen aged 73 years having problem in physical movement. Vedpal Raghav Posted On:

Dec 10,  · Haven't received any mail for three weeks, including several moderately expensive items which we knew should have gotten to us. According to Royal Mail policy, you have to wait 15 days before raising a complaint, which I did.
Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT): update and evidence based information about EC produced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT): update and evidence based information about EC produced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
If you need information, or want to make a complaint about Royal Mail or Parcelforce Worldwide, please visit their websites or contact their helplines on the numbers listed. Contact Royal Mail. Contact Parcelforce Worldwide. Your complaint. Please complete the form below with as much information as you can. This will help us deal with your.
A controversial charity-leadership group that has blanketed nonprofit workers nationwide with emails soliciting membership for its Board of Governors recently removed the list of governors from its website and suggested it would take legal action against The Chronicle if it published a saved version of the list.. The list is available below.
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Hi. just to make others aware for the finance company S. S. pvt ltd (sthenic Solution pvt ltd) they are simply making sales pitch to collect money for assessment and .

When such a practice, has never been done before in Idea why now. And on discussing this with Mr. Dharmendra on who got this done, he bluntly says, I have got it done. This shows highest level discourtesy towards a client. This attitude of the company is just harassing us mentally and blackmailing us with top notch attitude of lack of regard towards its prestigious client.

We request the senior people to look into the matter personally, because I strongly believe that the Idea Cellular would not encourage such work ethics in their systems. I have worked with a real estate company in noida l.

My salary was I joined them on august From Aug to 31st Aug they gave me rupees cash as my salary. After that my September salary was only transfered to my account was 20, and they told me remaining will be added in next month salary. In October month they didn't gave my salary and told me we will give you October and November salary in December. But in December they got merged with other real estate and after that I got my salary in January but it was only for December month.

Again same happened in February and in march. And still my salary for the month of October and November is on hold and they are not giving and saying we are not having money.. I want my hold salary. What should I do. Sir I just received a call from the number. He told about a site named www. After that I deposited on 24th I updated my details in that site. I started receiving daily I request for withdraw on 4th April. I received mail from company mail id happymor [at] happymoreincome [dot] in that no withdraw on Saturday n Sunday.

Mean while he called me and told to upgrade my account with so that I get daily nd referral income he put 3 ids under my left. I just told I will arrange within a week before I paid he upgraded my I'd I saw in my I'd n received mail to pay amount within 10th April. I paid on 6th on 9th. And received thanks mail from company and if I upgrade to then they will give I'd free.. On 10th at Evening I received msg from franchise that I paid delay so I need to pay I refused to pay and told to adjust in that amount only.

He told by evening I receive a mail after that I can withdraw amount. After 1hr i opened my I'd it was blocked.

I received a mail from company that I requested for unknown withdraw so they blocked my i'd to reopen I need to pay Franchise phone is switch off. How can I get my amount please help me. I have been trying to the numbers from which I got calls but no one is responding. Beware of Electrotherm India Ltd. While paying advance against any order.

We had paid advance and will regret our whole life. Kindly read their agreement clause by clause, between the lines. Their agreement is like the same of mutual funds. Mutual funds are subject to market risk and…. We are a medium scale industry, paid advance of Rs. Since market suddenly became slow and seemed unfavorable, we were in dilemma whether to proceed for expansion, and in good faith had requested and informed Electrotherm verbally about the probability of delay. Finally, due to delay in sanction of loan, we decided not to go with expansion and cancelled the order.

After chasing up with Mr. AnandShekhawat Marketing manager for years, Company finally replied on 24th march after chasing for 3. It is a norm that we are optimistic and do business; sign purchase agreements, bank loan agreements mostly on good faith.

All good faith reciprocated the same except Electrotherm India Limited. We are thankful to caster company such as Concast India Ltd. We feel that we have been slapped by this company, whose intention was bad and not to refund any amount. To simply put, they are opportunist — Conscious policy and practice of taking selfish advantage of circumstances-with little regard for principles.

It was the most disgusting transaction and experience of our life. We are not interested to claim the leftover of Rs. We believe in law of Karma and pray that this incident should never happen with anyone. Reliable Sponge P Ltd. The companys sales representative Mr. Further, reading the documents at our home we have asked them to cancel the agreement and refund he assured us to refund within days. Meanwhile, company have cleverly activated membership No. This company is cheating a lot of citizens by non-refund, non-cancellation of membership.

I have requested them to cancel my membership and asked for refund for which they denied. Kindly help in this issue to get my hard earned money back as being a housewife I cannot afford such a huge loss. I request you to look into this so that to stop such malpractice of cheating and fraud.

I would like to inform u that amazon. When i recieved the product purchase box it showing mrp only I have paid and asked when I will received the material then he replied that I have won Rs. Karan Mahlotra they are cheating with simplw peoples please suggest what I do. I am Nishant Sinha leaving in Rangpuri Mahiplpur new delhi.

Clc services address mentioned below approached me in last year some where in the month of Oct for the personal loan purpose because of immediate requirement for the treatment of my daughter i accepted they said they will take Rs initially for helping me in getting loan and rest Rs after getting loan money in my account after giving them the documents they asked another documents which i am unable to provide so i told them verbally and over email that i am unable to give the documents therefore kindly refund my money after deducting your charges but now i am getting no response from their side later on when i have searched in the internet about their complaints i got to know they are big frauds they have cheated so many peoples infact i have spoken to one of their customer who has logged a complaint in the police station and in consumer court against them.

I tried to contact their Head Mr. Rishi he is not at all picking up my call neither responding to my mails only one person name Rohit he received my calls and every time he is bluffing that we refund your money it is in process or your money will refund on 15th like that. Now it is alredy months chasing them for the same. Please help me i am deep trouble it was my hard savings which i kept for the treatment.

Also suggesting to others not to accept any kind of proposal from CLC services they are frauds. When I picked up the call the lady over phone told me "Sir, we are providing a nice insurance plan for you".

I replied "sorry not interested and can you please let me know from where you got my official number". The lady answer that there was some data base. So request her to remove my official number from the same. I called back her to ask why she misbehaved with me. And also 2nd time she replied with slangs and slangs. When I called the number they told it will reflect with in 24hrs but It never happened. From that day I was calling them and today they told by server issues they are unable to refund ans again they asked for details ans deducted some rs.

I have blocked my credit card. They called me from the below number This consultancy take rs as charge from students but dont take care of them after taking the money. I along with my friend visited this consultancy, but we are not serviced yet. I have got contact with a wholesale dealer in surat Name: First he has sent sample material in which only few are good and i have informed the same to him and asked the cost to be paid. After recieving money he took three days to send the parcel and the LR.

After i got the LR went to transport to get the goods. For my suprise he sent wrong goods that too very bad clothes. When i called him he said may be it got misplace will check and tell. But one week over no reply nor got the goods or money back. When i asked him he kept on telling will return money..

I told i will make complaint but he said do what ever you can. So please can any one suggest what can i do to get back my money. I am Suviraj singh chauhan.

After 5 days of my purchasse some major problem arises in the mobile — 1. I had compared it with other cheaper samsung mobiles like grand2.

Even these mobilestore guys make u sell open seal mobile as well. I made them to get the fresh new mobile. I want my mobile to be replaced and I want a new one with sealed close packing. They promised me to give air tickets on 2nd March' But then they said they cancelled program due to problem with their suppliers. They sent me faulty cheque of 22nd March but it has no stamp.

So what are the legal remedies available to me. I have their cell phone numbers, email address, bank account no. So what is legal remedies available to me.

I got I call near about 1st of march from the following no. On 14th march they called and said that ur mobile is deleverd through postoffice, when I paid and receive that parcel after opening the parcel I found only glass on it. How long does a track and trace parcel or letter take to arrive? Royal Mail Complaints shared BrexitExposed 's post. The real reason for Brexit. Tories fight to hide source of DUP cash that paid for Brexit adverts.

The money was given to the Democratic Brexiteers are learning America First means America First. Donald Trump had Britain's best interests at heart, said the Brexiteers. As he now threatens the world with a trade war, they're being remarkably quiet.

PM is torn between duty and Brexit reality. It is becoming clearer by the day that Theresa May is leading the country towards a Brexit that she does not truly believe is in the national interest, even though she sees it as her duty to Theresa May's Brexit double act. It's all pie in the sky. The eye-watering effect Brexit could have on Nissan and the car industry. A detailed inquiry into the UK's car industry has concluded it could be destroyed by a 'no-deal' Brexit.

Provided that you have attempted to follow Royal Mail's complaints procedure, and have had no luck from the Postal Review Panel, you may apply for your complaint to be reviewed by the Postal Redress Service. We did this in March , and received a ruling in May Filing a complaint is straightforward.

You can download a form, or apply online. We went for the online option, which then required us to submit our evidence to them. Royal Mail are then allowed to enter their defence. A copy of their defence was sent to us, and we were offered the chance to respond. An Adjudicator was then appointed, and we received a final ruling some four weeks later. In our case, the ruling was that Royal Mail "failed to address the Customer's complaint appropriately on a number of occasions", and our claim succeeded in part.

Unfortunately, the service that Royal Mail failed to provide was deemed to be outside the scope of the Postal Redress Service, and they could not take action against Royal Mail to recover a refund for us. They did rule that Royal Mail should offer an apology and make a compensation payment for "stress, anxiety and inconvenience".

We didn't want to waste the court's time, so before we started legal action against Royal Mail, we tried one last attempt to get some sense from Royal Mail. We got no reply, and the letter was forwarded to the Postal Review Panel. Given Royal Mail had over , complaints in the first 3 months of , We're guessing that's why Moya Greene doesn't get involved. This sounds drastic, but it's fairly straightforward. Before you do this, you need to write to Royal Mail to let them know you're looking to sue them.

By doing this, you are demonstrating that you have tried one last time to resolve the matter before going to court. If Royal Mail don't reply positively to your pre-action letter, then you can start proceedings through the Small Claims Court by filling in a short form at www. Once you've done this, you'll get a letter confirming that the process has started, and Royal Mail has 28 days to submit their defence to the court or pay up!

It may end up with a court hearing, and if you're an individual, you can request that the hearing is at your local court it's expected that a National company can travel to you, not the other way around.

You may find, like we did, that Royal Mail aren't all that keen on going to court. Within two weeks of us filing the legal papers against Royal Mail, we heard from a Royal Mail lawyer asking if I'd be prepared to settle.

After some negotiation, we agreed a fee, and a cheque was posted. Final step was to email MoneyClaim and stop the court action. You can apply for compensation under the Inland Letter Post Scheme, if you can prove it was posted, how much it was valued at, and that you complied with the rules for posting it. Even then, you can only get the 'actual loss' value, not consequential loss e.

If you think you might fall foul of this, there's lots of useful info on this thread: Our claim tried to side-step this clause.

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The Royal Mail guidelines must have changed recently then, as all correspondence from them to me says 3cm of packaging which there was, in fact more than 3cm in places. They said the box was too small by 1cm although there was still 3cm of packing. Royal Mail complaint 29th Aug 18 at PM #1 I sold an item on EBay for £ back in March and paid £11 for next day delivery with £ insurance compensation.