Jobs for 13 Year Olds

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My name is Reegan, and I really enjoy reading and writing. I am looking for any online job to do. I have a 4. Not rated yet My name is Ousain Touray and I am 13 years old. I have a 6 year old brother and 7 year old sister.

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Back in the day, a 13 year old girl would be already married and probably have at least one kid. Not that I think we should go back to this, I don't, but thinking that a 13 year old is
Back in the day, a 13 year old girl would be already married and probably have at least one kid. Not that I think we should go back to this, I don't, but thinking that a 13 year old is
Back in the day, a 13 year old girl would be already married and probably have at least one kid. Not that I think we should go back to this, I don't, but thinking that a 13 year old is
Looking for Ideas for Jobs for 13 Year Olds? Dear Teens & Tweens, Are there any jobs for 13 year olds to make some extra money besides babysitting? It can be frustrating to find jobs for 13 year olds to make some extra cash Especially since 13 and 14 year olds are not

Best Toys for 13 Year Old Girls in Teen girls in general are difficult to buy for, but year-olds girls are especially trying. Yes, they are chronologically teenagers, but they are still at an age where ’playing’ is still intriguing.

Instead of admiring—or envying—their success from afar, savvy entrepreneurs tap one to be a mentor. The Austin, Texas girl was eight years old when she attended a sewing camp.

Soon after, she started making her own clothes. Her designs drew compliments, then her friends started asking her to sew clothes for them, and just a few months later she held her first trunk show in a local boutique. Customer reaction was overwhelmingly positive and, when Taylor was nine, she and her parents realized it could be a business. She had the creative part down, but she needed help learning production. Her parents, who both work in the medical field, found Liza Deyrmenjian, founder of Fashion Accelerator , a New York-based fashion-business coaching firm.

Deyrmenjian had worked in fashion for more than 25 years, opening her own clothing factory in Vancouver, British Columbia at the age of She built her company into a worker shop, producing clothing for large brands as well as her own label, Go Girl. She sold her business and moved to New York in and became an apparel consultant. A good mentor will coach you from where you are, respecting your expertise, says Deyrmenjian: I helped her with other aspects.

As an industry insider, Deyrmenjian coached Taylor on things like the fashion cycle, how retailers buy, how to sell wholesale, and how to leverage a trunk show. She helped Taylor release a collection twice a year for three years, slowly building her brand. I would love to make extra money to start saving up for college and for my future job.

I would like to be able to buy my own things so I won't have to burden my mother with my needs and wants. I have won prizes in writing and I am good in English too. My name is Arianna Lugo and I am years-old. I want a job where I can get paid a decent amount of money. I will take care of toddlers. I am 13 years old. I am looking for some extra cash and I would not mind working for it.

I live in Newbern al. They are my passion! Im very well trusted when it comes to babysitting, petsitting or house sitting. I am also very good with dogs. My name is Philip. I am years-old and I love to write. Not rated yet Hi! Im Ally and im I want a article writer or a artist job i have school from 8: I really love children.

I love kids and pets so I'd make a good sitter. I like art and I also love babies. I like reading stories and I also like watching new movies. I am a 13 year old. I love playing with babies-kids-toddlers.

Paul my email is treasurewalker icloud. Im Lithuanian but have been in England for 8 yrs. Does anyone want lessons? Or to just listen? I also love cooking! I also LOVE cooking! I love pets,small children and I love to teach small children.

I love to play with my dogs. I am 13 which means that I am good with a walk-lawn mower. I can rake and I can pick up dog doo. I want this job so I wont have to ask and could get it myself. I have experience with windows 7, 8, 8. I'm a straight A student. I don't cause any drama problems also I'm a tv person. Im interstead in finding a job im going to start having to pay for my own necessadies and things i need.

I play Volleyball, and Soccer. I play the French-Horn. Who wants the job because I'm trying to save up money to go to medical school. I am loyal and responsible. Or for any reason, how much are you seeking for? I will babysit ages and up to 3 kids at a time. I am 13 years old , I am from Haiti. I live at St Louis. And am a good singers.

Click here to write your own. I like to draw and write, I speak fluent Swedish if that would be needed. To me everyone eles comes first before me. What can she do indiependently online Blogs Blogger Blogging Websites!??????

I took a babysitting class and 2 different CPR classes. Not rated yet Hi my name is Dominic pronounced like Dominick i am 13 years old and adopted from Guatemala. I'm in grade 8 and very good with kids. I'm 13 years old and I live in the United States. I am interested in writing articles. I look for survays online but there fake. Not rated yet i am currently 13 about to be I don't mind writing an article. I'm 13, I love kids, and kids love me! I can help out with homework,I can make meals, I will play with and entertain the kids.

My favorite subject is language arts. Im in 8th I turn 14 in 3 months. I am a 14 year old from the UK. I also adore kid. Also I just whan't to help. My name is Madison minnich. I can't babysit until I am thirteen so I am a mother's helper instead.

My name is Reegan, and I really enjoy reading and writing. I have been looking for a job that perks my interest, and I might have found it. But i have a pretty good attitude. Im 13 and i sorta want an online job or maybe any kind a job near me in kansas city, KS.

I am really funny love animals i am kind and love to talk with peiple. Please … Babysitting, Petsitting, Cleaning, etc. Not rated yet Hi, I'm a 13 year old girl who's turning 14 on December 30, We are both 13 years old. In my spear time I like to read and write poetry! I am in the 8th grade, and I am ready to start making money.

I have experience with small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, fish and dogs. Most surveys that are recommended in survey sites are for adults. I would like to be a hairdressing assistant because its something that I know I would enjoy.

The reason I want this job because I don't want to always ask my mom for money. I am very passionate about writing and reading and am very good at writing. I have been told I am an excellent student. I also LOVE to write. I am not biased toward many games. You may state the price. Iam very good in english.

I want to be small teacher. I really want a job to make more money. I want to write articles, or summaries, or anything. I really want to win extra money. I like drawing … Click here to write your own. I also love to take care of kids. I am a straight A student. I like to help out to. I am turning 13 in one month and would like to earn some extra money. My favorite color is pink and my favorite subject in school is math. I am thirteen years old and i'm half american half egyptian.

I love reading romance stories and fictional stuff. Im 13 and I really want a job, I noticed there isn't any jobs for 13 year olds and all of them you have to be years old. I like drawing, painting, singing, and volleyball. I'm quite responsible, as some adults mistake me for a year-old.

I'm a mature young girl and I'm turning 13 in April I have 3 younger sisters and I'm the oldest. I go to school. I like to be around kids. I like extra cash on hand. I love kids and I have babysit kids too. I love animals,acting,writing,tutoring,singing,and … Click here to write your own. Anything that does not involve animals is perfect. I love to read and write but I am a year round athlete. I am a 13 year old girl.

I would preferably like to do babysitting, dog sitting, dog walking, or even mowing the lawn. I … I want writing job. My name is Sualeha Binte Junaid and I am 13 year old.

I really capable of doing my best and I would like to become a member of coles. Im ready to play and giggle and do … Dog sitting and babysitting.

Not rated yet I am 13 years, soon to be I'm extraordinary at watching over dogs and children. I have outstanding experiences with handling toddlers and dogs. I like to write, like a lot, and as you can see, is good at it.

Be it kids or pets, I do both. It doesn't matter what job it is but it has to be only 6 or less minutes away from where i am. I can clean, cook, etc. I live in Panama City and I have 2 dogs of my own. I love dogs and would love to walk them or play with them!! Not rated yet Hi im ana, Im a 13 year old girl and i am looking for some ways to make some dough. I've gotten told that i look like a model alot I always have been the one too look after my younger siblings since they were baby's.

I love animals I want them to be taken care of when you have to go to work or if you have to go out of town. I need a job so that I can buy and pay for a phone every month. So I can do yard work, babysitting, petsitting. I would like a babysitting job, I have a younger sister and two younger brothers so I am great with kids. I ma 13 years old and if you need a babysitter contact me by email: I love animals, and I am interested in dog walking and dog sitting.

I am 12 near If I could make money snapping photos of things, my goals would be completed. I spend my time waisting on my phone so thought … Click here to write your own.

I want to baby sit because that is something I would be good at seeing how I live with five other kids. I'm actually 14 but I'm still a minor and looking for a job. I love poetry and have already written some poems of my own!!! Not rated yet I want a job like babysitting,taking care pets, and cleaning up. So I thought If I do all the house chours I get more cash, well no?

I wanna make money for my family but I really wanna be a model. I found a great site that pays you to write! Not rated yet Hi there! I have plenty expirence dancing singing and modeling. I really need money. I have always wanted to try modeling because I love getting dressed up and I love makeup!

I enjoy doing gymnastics, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and running. I babysit at my church a lot. I would love small modeling jobs because i work hard towards a "model body" and i think Im photogenic.

I would like to be an author when I grow up and I am comfortable with writing most topics. I am 13, from Virginia and I love writing. Painting to me is like amazing and I feel like it brings great feelings to the world. I like journaling and i can interview people. I am looking to get extra cash to save up for my educational needs. The problem is i havent really had the good apportunity to sing in front of a crowd.

I am a singer of all sorts and I baby sit my cousins quite a bit. I am trying to earn money by babysitting. I am 13 and I live in the us, I am almost 14 and I am very good with kids. I live in England. I love helping with animals, I can ride horses. I love being around animals. I am 13 years old, I'm very creative and caring. I am nice and kind to dogs I have a dog name blue and he is a huskie and we walk together in the mornings.

I'm Elizabeth and I am looking for a job that involves Kid siting and animal sitting mostly dogs. I would like to get paid 10 dollars an hour. I'm looking for babysitting jobs to make a little extra money. I love babies and children. I'd love to have a job at the library.

I also want to take responsibilities. I love working with animals and I live in dublin lreland. Also I have lots of free time this summer to do most any job. I may seem little to you but my responsibility skills are like I am in college. I am 14 years old. I am not very smart like other kids. I am a simple and normal girl.

I have always been interested in online jobs. I am good with babies and older kids. I will make sure you can have to do list done. I will have everything you need done. I'm really smart, I know how to do chores that involve tools.

It is Summer and I want a job to make some cash. Im going to the eighth grade. My favorite color is red. I love babysitting kids and helping clean up.

Also I am a black African American male. I Want the inline survey job. I want to babysit kids. My favorite color is pink. I am hoping to earn some money over the summer to help people out.

I've been bought up speaking Swedish and am therefore fluent. I have a 4. My dream job is being a chef or drawing. I'm located in Albuquerque,NM. I want to have a job as soon as possible please And it would be great if i get one. And it would be great if i get one.: I want to make money and doing so will invest into something that people global will want to … Dog walking, dog sitting. Helping around the house. Not rated yet I'm a 13 year old boy looking for some money. I'm willing to walk your dog, baby sit your dog while your away, or help around the house.

I am experienced I have wrote many articles for school assignments. I am looking to make money over the summer. I have babysitter a 2 year old over night. I can only babysit after … Article Writing, Dog walking, House sitting.

Not rated yet My name is Sarah and I'm 13 years old. I'm looking for a suitable job that I could do after school, or on weekends. I would like this job of babysitting kids. I like this job because I enjoy hanging out with kids. Im really good at comebacks so you wont ever have to look stupid. I experience in babysitting I have been since I was eight years old. I can write articles well on new or fresh topics. I love writing nice stories, articles e. I am through with high school and i really need a job to keep me busy.

I can wash cars and walk dogs. And i love photography and creating videos for YouTube, along with that i love to write. Writing is my passion, i can think of no other … Click here to write your own. Not rated yet My name is maylin. I can do pretty much anything. I can do anything from working on a house to cooking and cleaning.

I am 13 and need some extra income. I know what your thinking, just ask your parents. More times than I can count.

AM pretty energetic and I love babies and animals. I love babysitting and wouldn't mind cleaning up while kids are sleeping. For some examples of my artwork, here is my Instagram account: I'm very desperate looking for a job.

I can do most things like baby sitting,modeling,entertainer you name it! I a Thirteen year old aspiring author, and looking for ways to earn money by writing online. I am committed to do any job that's required for … Click here to write your own. I'm 13 and I'm in 8th grade. I like to be an actress on Disney Channel for fun. I can help tutor people,and I have straight A's. Email me at Jessiesnyder03 gmail. Most I can do is 5 hours.

I always wanted a dog but my mom said only until we move into a house. I will attend everyday and have excellent punchuality. I love working with kids and pets. I am good with children and a great house keeper. I have a pet cat and a hamster. I don't have a dog, but I love walking them. I really need any job I can do to make money. I really need money to fund my daily expenses. I am free on most days after school and have taken babysitting classes. I would like to have a flexible and interactive job in the beauty area.

I would love to become a vet when I am older and I think this would be a good place to start. I could really use a job to make some extra money. My online friends call m Arii since I really like that name and it goes well with e better than Vivian. I luve in hull. I am in pennsville nj. I'm going into high school. I need to make money to help my parents out.

I would be so awesome at this. I am looking for a babysitting job. I also took Spirit of Math in grades I play piano at … Click here to write your own. I believe I would be good at writing an article on things like restaurants, stores and more. I like jobst hat you are cleaning up after pets. Not rated yet this is soha karim. I love children and are really good with them. I'd be good at this job because I'm very polite,fast,friendly and hygienic so I'd be good at cleaning the tables.

I am previously looking for a job too make a little cash. I am a very responsible ,dependable. I am respectful … Teaching youngins to be responsible. Not rated yet Yes I believe it is a good learning experience and teaches them to be responsible. I love to sing and write poems and I live … Click here to write your own.

I need a babysitting job I can also do house work and Dog sitting. I love animals any kind. I am not picky in any of those subjects. I am looking for an after school job that is in nearby. I am a responsible, on time and socialise person. Not rated yet My name is Cheyenne and my dad has worked on houses and cars. I'm 15 years old, high school student, living alone no parents. I want to help my guardian. I need to earn money for my needs. I'm looking for a job that has to do with music.

Like a internship or something. My name is Annisa, and i'm 13 almost 14 looking for a babysitting job! I am looking to forward my life, help my parents out and as well as the community. My name is Noelle, I'm 13yrs old going to 14yrs old and I'm trying to earn money so that my friend and I can go to our favorite band's concert!

I want to continue taking pictures. It just like fashion but for male or female Skaters. My birthday is November 1 I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers but I live with my Grandmother. I live in Uk, Britain, Leicester. Not rated yet Hey I am Andreas and I am 13 years old. I have played every genre of game and gaming is my passion since I was 3. I play a lot of games. Im looking to help family's that need help watching and caring for there pets when they are gone.

I want tutor jobs. Getting a job would be great, my life would be very simple. I like little kids and teach them stuff they need to learn. I like to take care of little kids. My name is Zea and I'm 13 years old. I'm English but I've been living in Cuba for the past 4 years. I can speak and write in Spanish, French and English. And I hope that one day I have have my own blog. I am 13 years old , a job that I would like to do is pet sitting because I love pets for one thing.

I am looking for a job to babysit, watch dogs, or walk dogs. I want to stay a kid forever. My birthday is November 13, I'm in 7th grade I'm passing all my classes. I'm good at multitasking. I also like doing surveys. Im 12 years old. I'm 13 years old ,I live in srilanka I love writing short fictional stories and make some money during holidays and my spare time … Click here to write your own.

The type of job I am looking for would be yard and or house keeping. I like to play with younger kids!! I love to do arts and crafts. I have a few myself. When it comes to animals I'm always there. I am good at this and help others.

I want a baking job. I need a job to make some money. I'm just a person that wants to do something good. I want to someone to say I never gave up beacase of you. They are special to me. I could edit or write scripts in english or take the online surveys. Not rated yet I'm 13 and want to be able too buy my parents a couple gifts.

My name is Jayden. I am thirteen years old and I am in seventh grade. I would be willing to have any job wether it is writing articles or reviewing … Click here to write your own. My name is Shayne and I love being with babies. I love feeding them, picking them up and playing with them. They are all very pretty to me.

I am 13 years old and I would like to start a job as a babysitter to make quick money. My goal I'm life is to become a counselor.

I enjoy working with kids all ages … Anything I can do at home. Not rated yet My name is Selena Velasco and I'm a 13 year old that wants to have some money to save and to waste on food and things I need for school. I love money and I love writing. I can only do babysitting jobs in turlock sadly. I like to have fun. Sometimes I even watch my cousin. So I know what to do. I read in Spring Dale Senior School.

I want to do some for me and my family so that's why I am going to do this job. Not rated yet well I read online that when you turn 14 you are considered "old" enough to work. I am bored sitting at home and doing nothing so I thought of doing something. I am a female myself, age I am fluent in creole. I need a home sitting job because i was only I grew up being a baby sitter because I have 7 siblings including me, … Click here to write your own. I'm responsible and have good grades. If there is a job for any of these things,please notify me.

I like to have fun with them and make them laugh. I am very nice girl and helpful. I am … Walk Your Dog. Movie reviews, book reviews, creative story writing, character making. Not rated yet My name is Skye Taylor, age 13, female. I live in Glasgow, Scotland. And I will do reviews of books, movies, articles and anything else. M a 14 year old student live in pakistan.. I live in Texas. I was born in the us and my parents are from haiti. I love working with children.

I have 2 pets of my own and I absolutely adore animals! I would be more than pleased to help out for any amount. I am living in a small town in New York. I love writing, and performing. I can be really fun and I am a good cook. I want a job I can manage with school. I love math and anime. I am 13 Years old. I have babysitter a special needs kid. I have many sky and sunset pictures.

I am really good with kids and with dogs. I am am highly intrested in a job , but cant seem to find one that will hire at the age of I'm a 13 years old and I want a job because I have to pay for my ridding lecons and for shopping. I AM mostly interested in modelling , advertising products ,classical dance is my hobby. I can type things up, as I am an incredibly fast typer WPM. My name is Blendi and i would like to have a tutor job. I love kids and watch my nephew all the time.

I love babysitting whether it's a child or pet. I would like to earn some easy cash by programming or article writing. And I can do anything for house jobs. I am in eighth grade. I love babysitting and Im trying to save up money. I like to draw. I draw cartoon character. I think I'm pretty good. I'm 13 years old located in Deerfield Beach,Florida. I'm 13 Years Old. I would also accept mothers helpers jobs. I am kind to kids and will not disappoint.

I like games im smart,funny,and cool to hang around and im african american. Whether its Writing a Story or not. Please give me a chance to earn money by writing articles.

I really love to. I actually don't know what and waiting for examples. I'm wrting kind of good , woring well with computers , good at drawing Prefer working online but i can work outside too. Not rated yet I'm drawing very good , not bad at writing , can make beautiful photoes , love making phtoes of myself too. I am very patient and good with kids. I'm currently writing a book titled The Runaway Soldier. My name is Ju'Vontae. I'm from Franklin Park Illinois.

Im very friendly, have a great personality, and I love helping and working with other. I am black, white, Indian and somewhat Asian. I attend a grammar school and am good with babies, toddlers and young children. But one thing better is that I hope that I can test. It's fast and simple. For just 12 or 7 dollars an hour. So OK wanted a job so 1pay for the cost too. Because those horses take alot of … Click here to write your own. I'm 13 years old, I'm male, and I'm fantastic with children.

I'm about to turn 14 in a Month and some weeks. I'm going to 8th grade. My favorite sports are Football and Basketball. I am looking for a job to help me earn money for braces on my teeth. I also excel at storytelling and article-production. I love the outdoors and working with animals. But I am so great at a lot of things but I love to have fun and one way to do that is by having party's. I would like … Click here to write your own. I like the subjects reading, writing, science, and last social studies.

Aguijon,I,m a boy,I love to read books all day about horror,Science fiction etc. Also I need money. I am looking for a job babysitting or dog sitting. I love children and I love animals. I turn 14 in October. I prefer watching little kids babies-5 years. My name is Safeya, I'm an Arab 13 year old girl.

I can speak and write both languages, English and Arabic.. A and New York with friends. I'm 13 years old and I want a job. I'm currently going to Madison Middle School. I am 13 years old going to the 8th grade. I am looking for any online job to do. I love to dance and write stories for fun. I'm 13 years old and live in West Monroe, Louisiana. I love gardening and i will do any kind of work you need done no babysitting. I love getting my hands dirty. She goes to work everyday.

I have experience working with children from volunteering at my local YMCA. I want money to buy stuffs that I want. I want do any easy online jobs. So, I am going in 10th grade this summer so I am highly educated.

Lobe to help in any way. Not rated yet My name is Osvaldo. I'm 13 and I need money to buy stuff. I can do and any job really, so please. My favourite subject at school is pe. I would like a job walking dog s. I have so much experience with pets. I am 13 years old and this summer I have been looking for jobs I can do outside of my house.

I really want to have a job this summer … Click here to write your own. I'm Syrill 13 yrs old. Im a very enthusiastic person, easy to talk to, responsible and you can depend on. Well I can write stories and I'm a editor … Not certain. Not rated yet I'm 13 years old, I think I'm slightly weird for my age to think of mature things such as my future and career.

And is looking for a job to do over the summer like babysitting, but then you have to take a special class at the fire department. I love animals and am very patient. I work well with kids. I have been a babysitter before.

I graduated Middle School this year. I have experience of watching children todler to 9. Last year I worked at a toddler daycare. I could deliver papers around my neighbourhood or even walk dogs. I would love to be a kid model, and I've heard it pays a lot. Currently i am living in baker county Florida. I want a good pay job and it has to be creative online. Not rated yet Hi, my name is Anthony Osipoff. I am a healthy young boy at the age of I am a very advanced lifelong practitioner in the martial arts.

I love little kids and I am looking for a summer babysitting job that pays at least 10 dollars an hour. Not rated yet My name is Charlie Mccaw, I am 13 years old and looking forward to do almost My name is elexis bates. I have 3 younger siblings that I enjoy taking care of and playing with. My name is Grace Barnes and i am 13 years old in 8th grade. I Am 13 Years Old … Click here to write your own. I want some cash for the summer and some little extra left over.

And I would like to wash cars. Not rated yet Well i love organizing my room as well as finding out new ways to but the furniture. I also have a HUGE fish tank in my room so i love cleaning it out … I want to be an interior designer, so decoratinng websites would be really cool and something fun to keep me bus in the mean time, i am out o school for the summer. I am 13 years old, and I am going to eight grade this year.

I'm responsible and caring. I like to show my creativity through art and music. I need the money because my bake sale isn't really helping me. I am very good with children since I have two nieces. I am the youngest child of my mother. I am 13 years old andi enjoy gardening as my mum and mama have always done. I'm a good cook. I cook and clean everyday. I want to have a kid on my own but i'm just still young. Not rated yet Hi my name is Mariah Ham.

It's a passion of mine. But Since I'm only 13 I dint know how to do that. Mostly playing sports while I'm out there. Just got a girlfriend and really want more money. Brothers that also want to make some extra cash one is 9 and the other is 13 about to turn 14 in June.

So I can benefit from the job of making a iphone app. Not rated yet You can ask anybody and they will tell you I am responsible and reliable. I really enjoy being around kids and helping them make their day.

My name is Marqus and I am a 13 year old in Colorado. My passion is photography and I love to take macro pictures up close pictures of items. I'd like any job, exept babysitting.

Not rated yet I'm a 13 year old, female, and looking for jobs to make cash. The reason I want this is because I love going out with my friends! I am sanchit studing in class 8.

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