The History Of Hot Rodding – 1940s and 1950s

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Using the instructions, I had 80 inch doors, added the appropriate height, to include the rail and ran into a new problem. The height of the rail was running right over my existing molding. I knew this was going to happen, and as I planned the molding solved my stud issue.

This is because behind the molding should be the door frame with 2 by 4s behind the molding and drywall The door frame was 2 inches higher than the molding.

My kid could have built this wall better. So this completely threw off the proper height of my door. I had to bring it up in order to hit wood in the wall. Bringing the height up would later cause me another problem. As you can see, my plan was falling apart. Each problem and solution, created a new one. So using a level, knowing I had a height that had wood behind it, I was able to somehow set all 6 screws into wood. Now, onto the hardware you mount to the door.

The instructions say drill it 1. I had to bring the hole up or the door would be sitting on the floor. So I got the rail mounted, hardware wheels installed on the doors, moment of truth.

Hung the door and the height was actually perfect. That little amount was acceptable for me, but was my last issue. I had to get a chisel and knock out a path in the molding so that the screws cleared it. This was very annoying.. In the end though, it actually turned out almost exactly the way I envisioned.

I have some finish work to do and some touch up paint to finish it up. Wait, one more issue. On the bottom of the door you need a router for the door guide. So my doors are just free floating with no guide.

Hate to spend the money but it would solve my problem. Advice to the designers. Pre-drill more holes in the rail. Installing a header is not always practical because of existing molding. Included in the kit are small black plastic caps that pop into the steel to cover the holes on the end of the rail, include more of these and drill more holes in the steel. Also, include more end cap nuts that screw into the door hanger bolt. The end blocks on the rails that stop the doors from sliding off are a great design.

Provide or sell something for two doors in the middle to meet. Right now, I close both doors and they can be off center and over travel. Of course they slide and can be corrected but something to stop the doors in the middle would be helpful. Overall, a very doable project given the hardware, but be warned you might have to problem solve a little. This is my 2nd hardware kit from Industrial By Design.

Installed on my 2nd barn door in my new house. It is great hardware and the customer service is top notch. I wish all companies were as customer driven as these folks are!! Everyone that sees my 2 barn doors loves the look of the hardware that I used.

Look no further, this is an excellent product and company. Great quality, great instructional video. This was my first barn door install and everything worked perfectly. I installed another one a week after. No surprises, this kit is well put together. Rolls extremely well, well packaged. This kit is perfect for a heavy barn door. It arrived in 2 days. The instructions were great, but the installation video was awesome to watch before assembly.

It explained and showed how to put it together and install perfectly. I highly recommend this product! The instructions were super easy to follow and their customer service is fantastic!

Our studs were not the same width as the predrilled holes in the rail and the seller offered great advice to add a header board and then mount the rail to it. See photo for finished product! The finish is a perfect matte black. Door, handle, and latch not included in package but inexpensive to buy separately found at Lowes. Project to replace two bi-fold doors in a 52" door opening. Actual door was 54" x 7' and made out of 2 wood for weight purposes.

I left everything I own in One Piece! The Great Age of Pirates has arrived. Our main character is roaming at Seabody Island, and the story starts from here. Log In Sign Up. Select Server Next Launch Time: Game Background My fortune is yours for the taking Next was the Jan. The handmade grille and the onepiece hood top and sides were created by Desrosier, and he fabbed a hydraulic strut that opened the hood when he pressed a button on the steering column.

Other than the updated wheels and tires, it looks exactly as it did in Even the red and white pleated interior is the same. Also, Desrosier still owns it. At the time, the car was powered by a DeSoto Hemi, but it ran numerous engines during its life, including a ci Lincoln, numerous small-block chevys, and even an S.

They were called S. James Smith brought out an impressive display of quarter midgets from the fondly remembered Feb. One builder of midget kits was Frank Kurtis, famed for his Indy cars. Both George and Mike were in attendance at the Homecoming. The heavy rolled pan, unique rear fenders, spare-tire-cover front fenders, and diamond-plate firewall are the same, but the flathead has given way to a small-block Chevy.

Rear nerf bars and a Duval accessory windshield have been added to zoom things up. Gary owns Schroeder Steering SchroederSteering. He also created the engine-turned dash. Legendary customizer Jimmy Summers did the white pinstripe outlines.

In , the roadster was slightly channeled in front, giving it a subtle wedge, and it was completely channeled by Originally envisioned as an OE option for a multitude of engines, this particular unit is a prototype—which was as far as PDE got.

Current owner Dennis Varni found the engine for sale at a swap meet 15 years ago and bought it for a crazy Studebaker project he planned. The Mike Tully Chevy Bel Air custom has been updated over the decades, barely resembling its former hardtop configuration, because the top has been cut of in favor of a faux padded Carson top. Its distinctive front bumper and Chevy rear bumper can still be found.

Combined with the pancaked hood, molded grille, and peaked headlights, it is still immediately identifiable as the ex-Tully custom. Ford Model T production starts. As they become cheaper and junkyards populate with choice parts, and as owners want to go faster, all of the elements are in place for what would become hot rodding.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway holds its first mile race. This would lead to the first aftermarket speed equipment. Frontenac, Roof, Hal, Rajo, Winfield, and hundreds of other companies start manufacturing consumer speed equipment for the Model T. Exotic overhead-valve conversions reveal the extent to which T-based race cars are being modified in the pursuit of speed. Board and dirt oval tracks spring up across the country, especially on the West Coast, where weather conditions permit outdoor events throughout the year.

Model T speedster manufacturers start making conversion bodies for the consumer to use on the streets and racetracks. Bell Auto Parts, an auto junkyard, opens in Bell, California. It soon sold speed equipment to supplement the used parts, slowly morphing into the first speed shop.

Racing begins on the dry lakebeds of the Southern California desert, predominantly with modified Ford Model Ts and four-cylinder Chevys. The dry lakes of Muroc, El Mirage, Cuddleback, Harper, Goldstone, Bicycle, and Rosamond were so far outside Los Angeles that they allowed all kinds of activities, both legal and illegal, that attracted young car owners.

The first MRA race is in The Ford V8 is released in March. Though it took a few years for hot rodders to realize its potential, hot rodding takes hold with the plentiful and inexpensive Ford flathead. The first drive-in movie screen opens in Camden, New Jersey, giving youths yet another thing they can do with their newfound freedom via the automobile.

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